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Let's start by building you a website that attracts your perfect clients

I have an assortment of services that I can apply to help you get on top and stay on top. Although you can order these services piece meal my perfect client wants me to be their complete solution. That means they ask me to build their website and start the process that may lead to putting me on retainer. That’s my goal and should be yours too.

Frankly, just as your perfect client is someone who shops with you repeatedly and refers others to your service, I seek clients who after seeing what I do for them want to put me on a retainer. Why? Because I may spend weeks learning and thinking about your business and building your website. As you can imagine, as a marketer and business strategist, this puts me in the unique position of being able to produce continuing insights and doing work that apply those insights and further establishes your preeminence in your market.

In that light, putting me on retainer makes good sense, but, you can decide on that later.

Insofar as the cost of the website it varies because if a competitive analysis indicates the client needs a one hundred page website to establish preeminence – that’s going to cost more than a ten page website. You don’t go into a grocery store and expect to pay the same price for one hundred items as you pay for ten items.

Included with website service

In my process, the cost of your website shown below includes ongoing consultation, the repeated application of Keyword Hound Dog, and a competitive analysis of your market as seen through the lens of the presence of competitors both the ones you perceive, and the ones that can only be seen through a comprehensive digital analysis that uncovers advertisers and competitors in your market.  In some cases some of these processes are never ending because markets are influx and competitors are best discovered early and require ongoing examination and attention in order to overcome challengers.

Once hired, my job is to create results fast. There is no time to waste in most markets. Competitors work hard like you.

The intentional target. Before I build your website, however, the Strategy of Intentionality requires me to consult with you as much as necessary to discover everything I need to know about your business and its customers and prospects, and, also, its competitors. In addition, I have to thoroughly understand what you want to achieve this year. This is all done through consultation. In summary, this helps me create a plan of action and road map that we both agree on. It other words, it establishes an intentional target. Something I can aim at and hit for you. Then I work to make it happen.

Range of Services 

Consultation $379 per hour. Minimum one hour.
Website $3,000 to $45,000. Depending on scope such as number of pages and your intention for the website.

Keyword Hound Dog $395. Comprehensive SEO study and discovery of keywords related to your market.
Competition Analysis $795. Comprehensive analysis of your competitors and their standings in your market.
Retainer $3,000 to $10,000 per month. After your website is built you can determine the value of our relationship.

There are many kinds of websites. If you’re in a competitive market where people have a lot of choices of where to spend their money you need to make a big footprint on the web for Google to choose you over others. The cost of the website is not the issue. The issue is the lost opportunity that is the result of a poor web presence when compared to competitors. A retainer is not required if you’re able to grow your website and web presence after I have firmly established it for you.

Let’sGet Started

The best way to start is to call me. If I don’t answer leave a message and I will call you back. 

Our initial consultation is no charge. I’m looking for my perfect client and you’re looking for someone who understands what you want and can take care of it for you so you can structure other aspects of your business. 

You’ll know in minutes if I’m that person.

Young or old, no matter the age of your prospects, the same principles apply. The market is a moving parade and the people in the moving parade are immutable. What motivates them has not changed in thousands of years. What people need, want, and desire was the same yesterday, is the same today, and will be the same forever. And what produces leads, sales, and profit today will produce profit tomorrow. The only thing that has changed is today and tomorrow you must operate your business in an increasingly competitive market. The solution is obvious, but the strange thing is the obvious hides in plain sight for you. The time to start is right now. Start now.

What kind of website do you need?

The kind that attracts your perfect clients.

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