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How it works and what I do

I consult with you. You tell me what you want to achieve this year. We put together a plan. I work to make it happen. You work to make yourself happier.


I’m your consultant. I ask questions. You tell me about your business. You tell me about your competition. You tell me how you want your business to look one year from now. We develop a plan. I work to make it happen. It all starts with a website that attracts your perfect clients.


I’m your marketer. I think in terms of getting results. I think in terms of growing your business above a field of competitors. No one gets hurt. Everything I do is ethical and the best thing is your business grows and is more profitable. The difference is you feel better.


I’m your copywriter. You talk with me. You tell me about your business. I ask you questions. Pretty soon  something magical happens. You begin to see the possibilities hidden in your business. I find a way to tell your story in a voice that attracts your perfect clients like bees to honey. 


I’m your designer. I create the look and feel of your website and fit all the pieces together. I consider what I’ve learned about your prospects. I’m inspired by what you’ve defined as perfect clients. I build a website that attracts their hearts and minds.


I’m your developer. I sweat the small stuff. I work behind the curtain always thinking of ways to make your website better, faster, and more secure. I choose to work with the best combination of technology and modern web development tools. 


I’m your webmaster. My job is to build your website and to keep it running even when the lights go off. I’m always looking at reports and working to see that your website is up and running securely. The goal is simple: Do it right. Keep doing it right forever.

What about search engine optimization and social media, and advertising?

I have a complete assortment of SEO, social media and advertising solutions that fit into a dynamic  internet marketing strategy. First things first. It all starts with consultation and using search engine optimization analysis to intentionally build a purpose driven website that makes you a market leader not a follower.


I’ve built three businesses in Austin and one in San Antonio. I’ve seen it all. And all I can say is I wish I had a Michael Quinn to hire when I was building these businesses. He’s got the knack. When he agreed to build my website he did it literally overnight. In addition to being a talented copywriter, designer and web master, from a marketing standpoint he just seemed to intuitively understand what I needed. Also, Michael goes the extra mile. He likes things to be perfect. I highly recommend his service.”

Virginia Rogers, Founder of Relax the Back

Here's a quick summary of what you need to know to make a good decision

(Not understanding this will erode your business. Knowing this makes all the difference.)

What is the purpose of a website?

Your website must position you competitively in the marketplace. Moreover it must position you as the superior choice in your market. This is done through establishing and promoting your unique selling proposition.

What is a unique selling proposition?

Your USP is the central most distinguishing attribute of your business or service that compels people to choose your service over others. When you know what your USP is you must strive to communicate it properly because it is what will invariably make you preeminent in your market.

What is a website?

The web is a place where all voices can be heard. In the past, as recently as 20 years ago, only the wealthy or companies willing to spend 25% of their income on a marketing budget could be efficiently heard on a wide scale because they could buy their way onto the world stage through advertising. Today, through the phenomenon of the web, anyone can take a position on the web and seek to be seen and heard. In short, from a marketing standpoint, your website it a megaphone and broadcasting station for your unique selling proposition. When used correctly your website a living testimony that lifts your service above the din created by the voices of all your competitors. In summary, when properly understood and executed, even a small  web page gives you an unfair yet ethical advantage in your market because when expertly developed it effectively positions your product or service as the market leader.

Isn’t my website just like a big business card on the web?

Whatever you understand about marketing and how to position yourself as preeminent in your market will sooner or later either encourage or discourage competition in your market. If you think your website is nothing more than a placeholder or business card on the web, your business will easily and inevitably be overshadowed and subsumed by a wiser competitor intent on growing an enduring business.

Truly, a strategically fashioned website that supports a web strategy that seeks to make you the preeminent service in your market guarantees your long term success. Taken together it lowers your cost of the acquisition of clients and increases their retention rates even as you ethically raise your prices to insure the profitability and the financial security of your business.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Given time and a little money and a lot of patience anyone can learn how to build a website. And if your competitors are grade schoolers your website may be better than theirs. However the cost of the website is not the issue. The real issue is the cost of the lost opportunity to establish preeminence in your market because you choose to pay $395 to buy a cookie-cutter website made in China or India by people who neither understand you, or how to position your company in your distinct marketplace. The trick is not the website. The trick is implementing a marketing strategy that includes all the factors that lead to preeminence.

Isn’t the cost of a website a commodity in today’s market?

The cost of all goods and services are subject to various constraints. But, ultimately the product or service you’re selling is either a commodity subject to commodity pricing, or of preeminent value in your market and subject to the pricing associated with its rare and exclusive nature.

You must associate with your peers because you share a parity-like product or service, but disassociate yourself from their lack of marketing wisdom. Your business is to practice your profession, and to market it in a field of competitors in such a way that the astute marketing of your profession is the greatest asset of your business. The latter can’t be done by seeking to pay as little as possible for the website whose entire focus is to be the means that increases profits by making you preeminent in your market!

Why do you charge what you charge?

There is only one of you and one of me. If you charge too little you’ll need more clients to cover the overhead expense of your business. If you charge more you can afford to give each client additional attention and the fullest extend of your uniquely preeminent service. Look in the mirror. When you’ve establish yourself as the preeminent service provider in your niche what you charge is always less than what your unique service is worth. Because the value of your service is inherent in its ability to produce concrete results related to the success and well-being of your clients. Charging less is a disservice to your clients.

Why does the process start with consultation?

Building a website requires attention to detail. The process begins with consultation because writing copy requires consulting with you. You have to tell me how your business is doing now, and how you want it to perform. You have to let me into your dreams for it. Do you want it to grow faster? How many perfect clients can you handle?

In short, I’m more than a consultant, copywriter, and website developer. I’m a marketer. I know how to position you in the marketplace. Your business is not the only game in town. People have choices. The trick is to position you as the only reasonable choice. What makes your service the best choice? I’ll conceptualize that and craft a unique selling proposition that will make you preeminent in your market.

How do we get started?

Click or tap on the Start Now button or link and choose what you like. Start now because competitors take action. They’re not standing still. Neither should you.

Do you offer a consulting only service?

Yes. There are various price points depending on the amount of time booked. You can choose what you need.

Do you have a monthly retainer rate?

Yes. But to appreciate the value of the rate you have to experience the quality of my rare consultative gift combined with my unique ability to execute our agreed to vision for the development and progress of your business. In every case the retainer is worth the price.


Young or old, no matter the age of your prospects, the same principles apply. The market is a moving parade and the people in the moving parade are immutable. What motivates them has not changed in thousands of years. What people need, want, and desire was the same yesterday, is the same today, and will be the same forever. And what produces leads, sales, and profit today will produce profit tomorrow. The only thing that has changed is today and tomorrow you must operate your business in an increasingly competitive market. The solution is obvious, but the strange thing is the obvious hides in plain sight for you. The time to start is right now. Start now.

What kind of website do you need?

The kind that attracts your perfect clients.

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