Perfect Clients

Let's start by building you a website that attracts your perfect clients

The Strategy of the Perfect Client is simple. You have a perfect client. That client recognizes your value. They acknowledge your expertise and ability to help them achieve their objectives – whatever they may be. In other words, your perfect client knows what they want and invites you to use your expertise to help them achieve it.

In my case, my perfect clients wants me to establish and maintain a preeminent web presence for their enterprise. Along with the Strategy of the Perfect Client, the Strategy of the Preeminent Web Presence produces a masterful authority website with social media hooks that together are perceived by Google algorithms and scanning robots as proof of your preeminence in your local market. Together these strategies require attention to detail and expertise to be executed correctly and maintained over time.

My perfect client understands that the web is a very competitive space. What you want in your market is what your competitors want in the same market. Whether they know it or not they are investing to establish preeminence over you, and you must invest to outpace and out perform them. This is easily done when you make it your intention but not by ordinary means or by beginners or even professionals who don’t have the skill to create and execute a comprehensive web presence strategy. If you are not willing to partner with an expert to do this work for you, your competitors’ willingness to hire experts – who are focused on their enterprises – will soon enough reduce your business or worse.

Depending on your market and the nature of your competitors and their entrenchment in your market, my monthly retainer is $3,000 to $10,000 per month. My intent is simple: You practice your profession and direct your business, and I practice my expertise and establish your enterprise as preeminent in your market. I build and maintain a masterful and comprehensive web presence for your enterprise that is an invaluable business asset for your company because it far exceeds your investment to expertly build and maintain every aspect of this multifaceted web presence and asset for you.

The perfect client understand the value of expertise and invests to have it applied on their behalf.

My perfect client understands they have a profession and business to run and they only have time to practice and refine the operations of their business. But they don’t time to wear all the hats required to build and sustain a healthy business. They have to hire others to work with them. They retain me as a pillar to establish and diligently work on their behalf to strengthen the fortress of prosperity that is their business by building and nurturing a comprehensive web presence.

Your website is like an orchard that gives fruit year after year. Build it to last and treat it like an orchard.  Be intentional about the development of your web strategy. Cultivate it and grow it. As a consultant, strategist, marketer, copywriter, designer, developer, and webmaster I’ve developed and will apply at least these six powerful strategies on your behalf:

1. The Strategy of Intentionality.  Make a plan and hit your target.
2. The Strategy of the Perfect Client. Who is your perfect client?
3. The Strategy of Preeminence. Don’t aim to be second best.
4. The Strategy of the Authority Site. Your website is your greatest asset.
5. The Strategy of Sociability. Foster the production of viral effects.
6. The Strategy of the Preeminent Web Presence. Make a big footprint.

The application of these strategies builds a robust asset and an invincible business foundation on the web for you.

Young or old, no matter the age of your prospects, the same principles apply. The market is a moving parade and the people in the moving parade are immutable. What motivates them has not changed in thousands of years. What people need, want, and desire was the same yesterday, is the same today, and will be the same forever. And what produces leads, sales, and profit today will produce profit tomorrow. The only thing that has changed is today and tomorrow you must operate your business in an increasingly competitive market. The solution is obvious, but the strange thing is the obvious hides in plain sight for you. The time to start is right now. Start now.

What kind of website do you need?

The kind that attracts your perfect clients.

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